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Please contact us at if you would like to organize a Symposium session


Scientific programme for download updated 2 Sept 2022 (1 Mb)


Participants are invited to propose Symposia. Fill in a small questionnaire or send an e-mail to the organizers. 

Symposia organizers are responsible for inviting and selecting the state-of-the-Art and oral presentation speakers. Each symposium will follow from a plenary lecture and is composed of 2 state-of-the-art lectures (30 min) followed by oral communications (15 min) selected from the submitted abstracts.

Confirmed Sessions/Symposia

1- Stress Axis: Molecular and Cellular Regulation of the HPI/HPA Axis (organizers Bob Dores & Matt Vijayan)

2 - AKH and GnRH-related peptides in Metazoa – a tribute to Gerd Gäde (organizers Gerd Gäde, Heather Marco & Jean-Paul Paluzzi)

3- Endocrine and paracrine regulation of gonad physiology (organizers Rüdiger Schulz & Chun Peng)

4- Thyroid hormone actions in vertebrate development (organizers Aurora Vidal, Veerle Darras & Hamid Habibi)

5 - Integrative action of thyroid hormones (organizers Subhash Peter & Samantha Richardson)

6- Cell Plasticity, Stemness, Differentiation (organizers Yong Zhu, Ramji Bhandari & Yonghua Sun)

7- Endocrine disruption: current status and challenges (organizers Joachim Sturve & Patricia Pinto)

8 - Endocrine Biotechnology in Aquaculture  (organizers Ana Gómez & Abigail Elizur)

9- Invertebrate hormones and behaviours (organizers Angela Lange & Ian Orchard)

10- Neuropeptides: new and emerging concepts (organizers Vance Trudeau and Hervé Tostivint)

11- Teleost hypothalamic-pituitary relationship: development and structure (organizers Paula Vissio & Gustavo Somoza)

12 - Endocrine regulation of metabolism and growth (organizers Joaquim Gutierrez and Elizabeth Jonsson)

Satellite symposium (8 September 2022)

"MODEL-EDC: Threats and tools for endocrine-disrupting pollutants in marine organisms"

Open to those that wish to attend, free of charge. More information and registration here.

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