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Faro - Portugal

City of Faro

Faro is the capital of the Algarve region, in the south of Portugal, the most southwesterly point of Europe. With a population of 50.000, Faro's origin can be traced to the Mediterranean civilizations (Phoenicians, Greeks,  Romans, Arabs) and likely received visits from the Vikings. This cosmopolitan past is still present in historical monuments and today is a major tourist destination. The preserved medieval quarters, museums and churches are worth visiting. The Algarve and Faro are renowned for their well preserved natural heritage and many endemic species.


The Ria Formosa Natural Park and nearby barrier island beaches with diverse birdlife deserve a dedicated visit. More touristic information here. Download brochure EN, PT, ES.


Tourism office: Arco da Vila, Rua da                              Misericórdia, n.º 8 - 11 8000-269 Faro

The Algarve

Europe's most famous secret. That is how the local tourism authorities showcase the Algarve. And indeed it is true. Beyond the well known beaches, golf courses and sunny retreats there is much more to see in the region - nature, culture, sports, food and wine.

The region is an extensive and pleasant one, with a Mediterranean climate, marked by the smell of the sea at low tide and the scent of wild flowers. To the east, long golden beaches, coastal lagoons and sandy islands mark the interaction with the sea. To the west, sandstone cliffs and rocky enclosed beaches of transparent water. And then the untamed Atlantic coast, where waves traveling across the ocean come to rest on the shore.

In the backdrop, always the silhouette of the hills, covered by almond, olive, carob and fig trees, and the occasional white village. A stroll through the tangled web of narrow streets, alleys and steps to be found away from the coast is the best way of getting to know this part of the region. And after the enchantment of the landscape, you can discover the aromas and flavors of the traditional Algarve cuisine, full of fish and shellfish, and the brandy made from the locally grown medronho.

Only a step away from the tranquil peace of the inland region is the excitement of the Algarve nightlife. Bars, discos, marinas and casinos guarantee visitors the very best kind of merrymaking. The region's built heritage is something you cannot afford to miss. The architecture of the whitewashed houses, with their brightly-colored moldings and remarkably beautiful chimneys, the church belfries and the museums, all reveal particular memories of the ancestors of the Algarve people and help to make this such a special destination. 

Also to be recommended is the range of outdoor sports that are available, whether you're playing golf on lush green courses or enjoying some physical exercise at some of the region's excellent facilities, whether you're on the coast or perhaps up in the hills, where, after the rigors of winter and even before the first signs of spring, the land is covered in a pinkish white blanket, produced by the blossom of the almond-trees scattered across the horizon.


This is the true portrait of an Algarve that you'll find waiting for you, all year round. See it here EN, PT, ES.

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The conference will take place in the Complexo Pedagógico (teaching complex) of the University of Algarve Penha campus, in the city of Faro. Coffee-breaks, poster sessions and exhibitor stands will take place in the hall area and adjacent spaces.

The Penha campus is 20-30 minutes walking from the centre of Faro. City buses run through campus (

The conference site will open at 8:30 a.m. before the sessions start. Information about Algarve University and the region can be found here.           


Conference location: Universidade do Algarve, Estrada da Penha 139, 8005-139 Faro

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